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Magnus Ek


Magnus Ek from the two Michelin starred Oaxen Krog & Slip fame in Stockholm, is bringing his inventive, modern Nordic cuisine to Kitchen Table. You will be able to explore ingredients cooked in a modern way, but with old and traditional techniques at the foundation of the tasting menu.

Oaxen is a celebration of sustainability, creativity and ethically produced ingredients. At the heart of Oaxen Krog is not just the food, but the journey from farm to fork. The team use local ingredients exclusive to the Baltics, and even have exclusive permission to pick certain herbs on the island.

The menu described by Michelin is “beautifully constructed dishes which are allied to nature and the seasons – they’re delicate and balanced but also offer real depth of flavour.“

Oaxen was originally founded in 1994 and started as a luxurious restaurant on the island Oaxen. Magnus Ek and his wife Agneta Green, between them developed one of the most highly rated restaurants in Sweden, which was named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world five years in a row by Restaurant Magazine. In September 2011 the restaurant closed and in 2013 the new Oaxen Krog & Slip relocated and opened in Stockholm in a new building. In 2014, the restaurant was awarded one Michelin star, going on to be awarded two stars in 2015.

Now situated in Stockholm, Sweden, the Scandinavian capital has quietly emerged as a gastronomic destination over recent years, with the New York Times, describing chef Magnus Ek and his wife, Agneta Green as “one of the strongest set of players in the mix.” 

The evening will consist of one sitting at 7:00pm, tickets are priced at £150 per person for 12 courses, beverage and service not included. Regretfully, during our special events, we are not able to accommodate any dietary requirements.

To book a seat for this event, please email

Please note to reserve a seat for this event we will require credit card details and a non-refundable deposit will be taken in advance.

Meet The Team

kt team
Kitchen Table is a platform for James and his team, to highlight creativity and passion for producers and ingredients – none of this would be possible without the people behind the brand.
Since the birth of Kitchen Table, the restaurant has been run by James’ partner in crime and law, his wife Sandia Chang. Although Sandia and James are still very much at the helm, we are excited to introduce you to a new addition to the family, who is partial to a spoonful of Marmite and Jason Atherton .
Introducing Ben Porter, Restaurant Manager
What is your career background?
“I studied my NVQs in my hometown of Boston in Lincolnshire at the local college. When I finished my studies, I took my first full time job at the historic Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. Then I moved down to Castle Combe in Wiltshire and worked at The Manor House Hotel and Golf Club, becoming Head Sommelier at the age of 23. This was a great learning curve for me. In 2014 I decided to take the next step in my career and moved down to London, where I joined the team at Jason Atherton’s Michelin starred Pollen Street Social. After a year in London, I then moved to Kitchen Table and the rest, as they say, is now history…”
What is your favourite grape variety?
“It is a very tough choice, but I would have to say Pinot Noir. I love the diversity you get from the varietal. Whether it’s from the new or old world it’s always different.”
What’s your food and wine matching philosophy?
“Trial and Error. For me, I don’t think there should be rules for food and drink pairings. It’s all about trying it and if doesn’t work, try something else, but if it does then that’s great. At Kitchen Table we also use a lot of sake, beer and cider for food pairings, so it doesn’t need to stop with just wine when comes to finding the perfect match.”
What is it like working with Chef James Knappett?
“You want me to be honest?! No, James is a good guy to work with. He is the boss, but a chef at the end of the day and chefs are perfectionists, so that naturally comes through in his personality and rubs off on yourself as well. I think we get on well, even though he is an Arsenal fan!!”
If you can give someone young in their wine career a top tip, what would it be?
“Taste, taste and taste! You learn so much more about wine when you are tasting or drinking it, than you will do from any book. Your palette retains more information about wine than your head will.”
Now for the best part, quick fire:
1) Who is your culinary hero? Jason Atherton, he’s from my hometown
2) What is your favourite restaurant? Barrafina
3) What is your food guilty pleasure? Junk food. Anything bad like kebabs or anything deep fried
4) What’s been your best meal in the past year? In Barcelona, gourmet tapas by Sensi
5) What’s your favourite dish from childhood? My Mums pasta bake – She calls it a ‘Speggheti Bake’!
6) What would your last supper be? Home with my family and Mums pasta bake
7) Most annoying food trend? Fermenting everything
8) If you were a cocktail what would you be? Moscow Mule
9) Best hidden gem restaurant in London? Why? Kitchen Table of course!
10) Marmite… Love it or hate it? Love it

Meatopia 2016


Founded in the US by the late great Josh Ozersky and brought to the UK by chef Richard H Turner, Meatopia is a festival of high quality, ethically sourced meat, all cooked over ethically sourced wood and charcoal by some of the world’s leading top chefs. A weekend-long love affair of meat, drink, fire and music, Meatopia UK has become a legendary event for food lovers.

Curated by Richard H Turner, chefs from around the world will gather at Tobacco Dock and cook with their favourite meats, exploring whole carcasses and creating signature dishes. Each day will feature chef teams with a variety of food backgrounds from America, Asia and across Europe preparing one unique meat-based dish. James will be back again this year and getting involved in the meat-fest on Sunday 4th September.

You can purchase your tickets here.

Festival No.6


On Friday 2nd September James will be cooking at Festival No.6, an extraordinary culinary experience in the heart of Portmeirion, Wales. As part of the festival, Dinner At Clough’s offers a bespoke daily changing long table banquet from the UK’s most sought after Michelin starred chefs.

James will be opening the banquets and has promised something special that is likely to be a festival food game changer – Other chefs lined up to host Dinner At Clough’s also include Gizzi Erskine and Aiden Byrne.

You can purchase tickets here.

James Knappett @ Ardent


Following Justin Carlise of Ardent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin collaboration dinner with James at Kitchen Table in January, James was kindly invited over to return the favour as a guest chef at Ardent this July.

After a couple of days sourcing local produce and menu planning the boys came up with some one off focal points, that were enjoyed by an intimate audience for one night only, within the award winning surrounds of Justin’s restaurant Ardent. 

Menu highlights included: